Free From Food Find

Shops are constantly bringing out new free from items, and that is definitely something I can get on board with! A few of these finds aren’t ‘new’ to shops but are new to me, as some of my local shops don’t carry a huge free from section so I have to wait to venture out to bigger places before I get to join in, but a few of these products are also quite new to the market. So, here’s what I’ve been trying lately:

  • Whitby Seafood Whole Scampi – this has been available for a while but Sainsbury’s and Asda have only just started stocking it near here so I only got to try it a few weeks ago. I’ve missed scampi so much, mainly because I knew I couldn’t have any, and this did not disappoint! The box provided two adult size portions, and it cooked really nicely. Whitby Seafood scampi is gluten and dairy free.


  • M&S Vegetable Spring Rolls – yes I know they’ve been able for months but I always seemed to miss them being in stock. They were really lovely, crispy outside, filled with plenty of vegetables, although I did find the ginger a little bit overwhelming. These spring rolls were gluten free and vegetarian.
  • Co op Free From Vanilla Cupcakes – I have no clue how long these have been on sale for because I ran into the Co op one Saturday and it was the first time in years I’d actually been in. I wasn’t sure what they’d be like but I was starving and just wanted some cake, they were amazing! The cake part was soft and fluffy, not heavy like some gluten free cakes can be, and there was a very generous swirl of icing on top. I will definitely be buying these again, I kind of wish I was eating one right now. These vanilla cupcakes are gluten free and vegetarian.
  • Co op Gingerbread Men – these have been available in different shops for quite a long time so I decided to give some a try. These biscuits have a strong ginger flavour, and they’re a good size as well (I’m sure we’ve all opened packets to realise the free from product is much smaller than a normal version would have been). The gingerbread men are gluten and milk free, and vegetarian.
  • Kirsty’s Apple Pie – brand Kirsty’s brought out a range of new frozen free from foods in Asda recently, including these two apple pie slices. Both slices were packed with apple, and the crust was delicious and didn’t go soggy while cooking, I ate both slices hot from the oven, but the packaging says you can also leave them to defrost and eat them without heating. I’ll definitely be buying these again. Available in Asda, these apple pies are free from gluten, lactose, and dairy, but do contain almonds.

What finds have you been eating recently? Got any recommendations? Let me know!

Amie xxx

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