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Podcasts are definitely growing in trend now, which is amazing to see. I’ve been listening to several podcasts for a couple of years and now they’re growing to be more and more popular, I want to tell you about some of my favourites that you definitely need to add into your life. A podcast makes all tasks more fun, driving? Stick a podcast on. Walking the dog? Stick a podcast on? Cooking or cleaning? Stick a podcast on. In a hospital waiting room? Stick a podcast on. Writing a blog post about podcasts? Stick a podcast on. Here are some of my favourites that I genuinely couldn’t get through adult life without.

The Secret Life of Weddings – I adore the ladies of SLOW, Lisa and Rebecca become like your best friends once you get into this cast. Rebecca is a wedding photographer, and up until last year, so was Lisa, near Toronto in Canada, and they are here to give you ALL of the shitshow stories from brides, grooms, guests, and vendors. It’s incredible. You can find them on all podcasting apps, and if those free episodes aren’t enough, you can also check them out on Patreon and get an extra episode every week. Love a bit of drama and laughing until you cry? Then you’ll love Lisa and Rebecca and The Secret Life of Weddings.


Game of Thrones The Podcast – So, Game of Thrones may be finished but that definitely shouldn’t put you off starting from the very beginning and going on the Game of Thrones journey with Jim and Aron. During the last season, I looked forward to their episodes more than I did the actual episodes of Thrones. They have a podcast episode for every single episode of Thrones, some seasons are just one episode per episode, but in the later seasons, you get a shorter ‘Instant Take’ cast, a ‘normal’ cast, and a ‘Spoilore’ episode. If Game of Thrones is your thing, Bald Move is exactly the podcast you need in your life. And, when the prequels come out, they’ll be covering those over on the Game of Thrones feed, and Jim and Aron will be right there beside you to watch. Find them on all podcast apps or join their club over at baldmove.com  for their ad free episodes. 


Sh**ged. Married. Annoyed. – Comedian Chris Ramsey, and his hilarious wife Rosie, bring you what will undoubtedly be, the funniest 45 minutes of your week. Be prepared for a few rude and disgusting questions, people taking the most ridiculous poles in their office (seriously, this has become a thing that happens far too often, it’s kinda weird…), and some excellent beefs. Find them on all podcast apps and prepare to laugh through the last 21 episodes.


Bald Move TV – I know Bald Move have appeared on this list already but they cover far more than just Game of Thrones, so you’ll almost certainly be able to find podcasts by them for your favourite shows. I recently watched Chernobyl on Sky and was very happy to see Jim and Aron had also covered each episode of this on their Bald Move TV feed. They’ve got episodes for shows such as Sharp Objects, Fleabag, Black Mirror, and The Handmaid’s Tale, you’ll definitely find something to love.


So here are my favourite casts! I’d love to hear about some favourites of yours, and if you decide to try out any of my suggestions. Have fun listening!

Amie xxx

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