Tango’s Trial

*This post is an AD*

At the beginning of April I was offered the opportunity to try out a tailored blend of dog food from and see how Tango enjoyed it, he’s now finished his first month of food and I thought it would be a great time to let you all know our thoughts on it, and how you can make the most of a special offer code.

So, I headed over to to see what I needed to do to get Tango’s food delivery underway. They ask you for all of the essential details about your dog: age, weight, activity levels, body type, if they’re a working dog, what kind of food they eat, i.e. dry or wet food, and how often they get any extra treats or leftovers. You’re also able to tell them about any intolerances or flavour preferences too. Setting up Tango’s profile and getting the first order underway took me all of 4 minutes, it was incredible. It’s also very easy to update the details in this profile, as Tango is only just turning 6 months old, his weight has changed rapidly so I’ve updated that a lot, which then allows them to update the portion size they recommend, as well as making changes to the tailor made food if required.

After setting up the profile and putting in my own details too, Tango’s food was on it’s way. It was ordered late afternoon on April 1st and had arrived by 11am on April 3rd, I was very impressed. I’ve now had my second delivery from and this was also very quickly shipped, with detailed delivery updates via text.



When the first delivery arrived, there were a few pages of information included. One page tells you the daily portions, including how many calories you should be feeding your pup in the form of treats or leftovers, to supplement his diet perfectly. The second page is a little information sheet about how they recommend you shift your fur baby’s food from their previous brand, to their food. It’s done in a way to try and minimise the effects diet changes can have on their tummy, and with Tango this worked perfectly, he had no signs of a bad tummy at all during the week it took to swap his food over completely.

Between order one and two, Tango’s weight had changed quite a lot, and as I’d updated his profile regularly, they also included a little note in the second delivery, letting me know that Tango’s portions had changed now he’d gained a little more weight. This made my life much easier than when I was trying to navigate the portion changes with his previous dog food (wow the internet tells you a lot of conflicting information on this!). As well as the portion changing, they update the scoop size setting you should be using. The scoop is sent with your first order, is very easy to put together initially, and also easy to adjust when the portion sizes are updated. Being sent a little sheet with the portion changes on really encourages me to stick with the company, partly because it’s confusing working it out, partly because I’m just a bit lazy, can’t lie!

Down to the important thing… does he enjoy the food? He absolutely loves it. I mean he’s a growing labrador so he’ll eat a lot of things really, but when it comes to meals he often gets bored halfway through and wanders off. I don’t know, he’s a puppy, he just kind of does whatever he wants I think. Anyway, this food keeps him at the bowl until every single piece is gone, then he still comes back to check that he’s not missed any after about five minutes, apparently it’s just that good! His brother, Smokey, a cat, also thinks this food is incredible, when it first arrived and I’d opened a bag but hadn’t put it away in the cupboard yet, I found him actually in the bag, chomping away. And he’ll attempt to do the same if the cupboard door is left open or I put Tango’s bowl down and Smokey happens to be in the room. Taking that to mean that it’s some pretty incredible dog food!

If you’d like to let your pupper try out some tailor made food from, log on and use the code ‘ALLOUTASPOONS’ to get yourself 2 weeks worth of free dog food. I hope your little pups enjoys their food as much as Tango has been enjoying his.

Amie, Tango, & Smokey.



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