Game of Thrones Season 8 – Get hyped!

Only a week left to go until the final series of HBOs Game of Thrones airs, I’m a mixture of excited and heartbroken! To get some of my excitement out, and hopefully bring some GoT hype into your lives, I’ve got a whole post of my favourite GoT merch, links to the trailer, plus some trailer discussions, and a whole bunch of yummy snacks and drinks perfect for a season 8 watch party.

Please be warned that there will probably be a few spoilers from previous seasons scattered throughout here so tread carefully if you’re not all caught up.

Here’s some of the greatest merchandise that I’ve seen/that I own!

  • Dany’s to do list t-shirt. I got this for Christmas and I LOVE it, super soft shirt and gives me a good giggle every time I wear it. Available in several colours and sizes go from xs to 2xl, for £17.90 with an extra £1.90 for postage within the UK.
  • Dragon vinyl decals, perfect for walls, windows or laptops. They’re available in a selection of colours, although technically one should now be blue, no matter what, and cost £4 plus 85p for postage if you’re in the UK. (*adds to Etsy basket immediately*)
  • Dragon egg cookie cutter. A must have for baking season 8 watch snacks, because lets face it, sometimes GoT is pretty heart breaking and cookies will ALWAYS make that better. Dishwasher safe and only £9.90 plus £1.80 for delivery to the UK.
  • The doormat that Dany should have sent to Jon last season… a fun home accessory for only £12.20 on Amazon.
  • Get cosy for your season 8 watch with a super soft Game of Thrones blanket! £18.95 on Amazon. (If I didn’t own a billion blankets already, this definitely would be being added to my basket)
  • Edible cake toppers, ideal for adding to any show watching treats, not just for decorating occasion cakes! An inexpensive way to add some fun to cupcakes at only £1.65 for a packet of 12, plus 60p delivery in the UK.
  • The North Remembers t-shirt, show your loyalty to House Stark. Available in sizes 8 to 16, for £15.95. Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.
  • Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris tumblers are exactly what you need to contain the large shot of alcohol you’re going to need when the final episode airs. Even better if you have any of the Game of Thrones whiskeys to pour into them!


  • The Seven Kingdoms goblet is an incredibly detailed piece of memorabilia, a hand painted sculpture of the GoT map. A little pricier at £39.95 on Amazon, and apparently its rrp is usually £50, but it’s still a beautiful piece.

I’m sure that all fans of the show who are reading this will have seen the HBO trailer either online or on any of the Sky channels, but if you’ve somehow missed that, definitely check it out here. I also highly recommend watching Preston Jacobs’ ‘Official Trailer Breakdown and Analysis’, I know not everyone is a Preston fan but his characters and video style provide me with a lot of laughs. There are also a couple of podcasts that have talked about the season 8 trailer: check out ‘Game of Thrones Podcast Episode 21’ from the channel Game of Thrones Podcast w/Preston Jacobs by RedTeamReview, you can find them on iTunes, the Apple podcast app, YouTube, and Soundcloud; and my personal favourite, from Bald Move and their Game of Thrones Podcast, episode ‘Season 8 Trailer Breakdown’, also available on iTunes, the Apple podcast app, Soundcloud, or on their own website

Whether you’re having a season 8 viewing party, or just getting cosy on the sofa, snacks are essential, and Game of Thrones themed snacks would be even better, here are some of my favourites:

*this part definitely does contain a few spoilers from previous seasons!!* 

  • The Hound’s Roast Chicken – roast up a few whole chickens, or buy the hot ones from the supermarket, if it’s good enough for the hound, it’s good enough for us.
  • Sansa’s Lemon Cake – a favourite of Sansa (and me), you should definitely include these in your GoT plans.
  • Frey Pie – thankfully not made with your own sons and fed to you by a faceless man (girl? woman?…), but it’s a pie that Hot Pie would be proud of! Any pie that you enjoy would work, meat and veg, or apple, just be mindful of accepting pie if you’ve conspired to murder anyone’s family recently…
  • Theon’s Favourite Toy (also known as sausage rolls) – might feel a little Ramsay Bolton like eating these while Theon is onscreen, but you should definitely include them in your party food plans.
  • Wildfire Jelly Shots – have your pyromancer bring you a tray of these and you’ll be ready to fight the White Walkers! To make Wildfire shots: 300ml of ginger beer, lime jelly cubes, 170ml lemon flavoured vodka. Bring 200ml of the ginger beer to the boil, while waiting for it, separate the cubes of jelly and place into a bowl/large jug; pour the boiling ginger beer over the jelly and stir; stir in the remaining ginger beer and the vodka, ensuring the jelly cubes are fully melted; pour your wildfire into shot glasses or jelly shot cups and leave to set for at least three hours. 
  • Red Wedding Wine – all you have to do here is open a bottle and pour yourself a glass, or grab a long straw, I’m not judging. Just thinking about the Red Wedding has me wanting to open a bottle or two.
  • Iced Milk with Honey – thanks to winter finally coming to Kings Landing, you’ll no longer need this to keep you cool, but it still sounds pretty damn tasty, and would go excellently with some dragon egg cookies or Sansa’s favourite lemon cakes! To make: (serves 2) 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 1/2 cups of milk, 1/2 cup of ice cubes, ground cinnamon. Heat the milk in a saucepan until it’s warm, not boiling, just lightly heated; then stir in your honey and make sure it’s all dissolved; add your ice and stir until the milk is cold; strain and serve in tumblers with a pinch of cinnamon on top. 

Now I’m off to continue obsessively rewatching the first seven seasons and decide which of the drink and food suggestions I want to try out for the first episode next Monday.

Winter is here.

Amie xxx

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