A Tell All on Teeny Tiny Tango

Happy 2019! Yes, I know it’s taken me until March to say that, oops, but I’ve had a very busy beginning to the year. Just as Christmas and New Year were packed up and done, a new addition became part of the family! Teeny, Tiny Tango, (well at least he was in January…) a beautiful black labrador. Eek! So I decided after a pretty full on December with Blogmas, I’d take all the time I needed to adjust to having a puppy in the house, and now, nine weeks later, I finally feel like I’m all ready to get back to writing. And what better way to get back into it than to write about this little bundle of joy?

Little Blob with his sibs! 

My then teeny tiny Tango came home to us at exactly 8 weeks old, he weighed 4.6kg, and was small enough to pick up with one hand. The breeder he came from was incredible, she’d already got him used to sleeping and playing in a crate with his siblings, and used to peeing and pooping on a pad, this made life so much easier! Obviously there were a few pee and poop accidents but these were few and far between, meaning we could just focus on playing and cuddling for a little while.

Within 2 days of being home, Tango could sit on command, and was already starting to work on lie down. He was sleeping through the night and was just incredible, honestly so much easier than we ever expected him to be. His list of commands is ever-growing and he loves the treat and attention rewards that doing a command bring.

Now, at 19 and a half weeks old, he’s beginning to look more like a dog, and less like a furry blob with legs that are too long. He’s gone from 4.6kg at 8 weeks old, to 14.5kg at 17 weeks old, and will apparently be over 20kg at 5 months old (how?!). He loves going on walks, especially if there are other dogs around, and has a great time people watching from the back seat of the car. He will chew anything you give him, and if he can’t find a way to chew it, he’s just not interested. The chewing has definitely been upped since he lost his first 2 teeth (eek!), and his favourite things to chew on right now are frozen carrots or giant ice cubes, the ice cubes keep him busy for at least half an hour still so I think we both love those! Tango would definitely say that his favourite treat is a Kong toy filled with boiled sweet potato, dry dog food, and peamutt butter (yeah you read that right), then frozen, his eyes light up when you walk into the living room with one of those in your hand.

Everyone who has met him has loved him, well the cat may not agree, and going anywhere takes a lot longer than it should because he’s forever getting compliments and being cooed at! He is a total attention whore and laps up all of the compliments, although he’s still a little bit scared sometimes when people come up to him, particularly if there’s a child involved these days.

So, now you’ve met Tango! You get to enjoy all of his cuteness without having to be near the awfulness that is his bum, aren’t you lucky? Now we’re getting into a good routine, and my fractured shoulder is healing a lot more, I plan to get back to regularly scheduled posts. I’ve got some exciting Easter ideas planned and some newer topics to discuss, so join me every Monday, starting from April 8th, to see what I’ve got in store for you!

Amie xxx

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