Chronic Illness

Blogmas Day 20 – Boxset Binges

Winter is the time when you want to get cosy, stay warm and do some boxset binging, especially when you’re tired out and full up after Christmas. As I’m chronically ill, I find myself having plenty of time to binge watch TV, here are some of my best boxsets to binge.

  • Gilmore Girls. This is one of my all time favourites, if I’m feeling super unwell or down, I stick this on and Lorelei has me feeling comforted in no time. Gilmore Girls is currently available on Netflix in the UK, or you can buy the complete series, plus the latest A Year In The Life specials, on Amazon for £49.99.
  • Grey’s Anatomy. I know that I experience enough medical drama in my own life, but boy do I love this. Having a tough day? McDreamy will sort that right out. The complete series is available on Sky Boxsets, and series 1-14 are available on Amazon Prime Video for free. You can also buy series 1-14 as a boxset on Amazon for £79.99.
  • The US Office. I’ve seen every episode of this show at least fifteen times but it never gets old, I love it. I’m so invested in the lives of the characters that it’s actually a little bit ridiculous. You too can obsess over this show on Amazon Prime Video for free, or buy the boxset from Amazon for £29.99.
  • House. Yes, another medical drama, but you can’t not have this on a boxset binge list, Gregory House is such an incredible character. He helped me to vocalise my own struggles a little better, and he’s blooming hilarious, what a man. House isn’t available on any streaming services but you can buy the complete boxset on Amazon for £48.20.
  • Once Upon A Time. Fairytales with a twist make this series so great. A completely different take on the typical Snow White, Prince Charming and Red Riding Hood type characters, and this time, they’re in our world. You can watch this on Netflix in the UK or buy the boxset from Amazon for £41.43.
  • Criminal Minds. This is kind of heavy watching, and definitely not recommended if you have a weak stomach, but I fully invested myself into the BAU, and love each member of that team. It’s a great mix of case investigation and the character’s own lives. You can watch all of this through Sky Boxsets, or buy series 1-13 on DVD from Amazon, £69.99.
  • Game of Thrones. Of course I couldn’t write this list without including my beloved Game of Thrones. This is not for the faint hearted, and certainly not for those who can’t deal with gore, but if you can get through that, you’ll find that this show becomes part of your life, not just something you watch. This medieval setting fantasy will be something that you can’t stop watching, maybe don’t get too attached to any characters though… experience the wonder of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray, £69.99 for series 1-7 on Amazon.

So there you have it, the series that I think everyone needs to binge watch when they’re feeling run down and tired. What boxsets do you stick on to make me feel better? Are you going to try out any on this list?

Amie xxx

(Anything purchased via the links on the post allow me to make a small amount of money via Amazon, it doesn’t cost you anything extra)

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