Blogmas Day 19 – Family Fun

Christmas and New Year are times when families get together to celebrate and often a few games will be played too. Here are three board games that everyone can get involved with, and that will *hopefully* keep the arguments to a minimum. Let your competitive side out!

  1. Speak Out. Players have to wear a mouthpiece and attempt to say phrases on cards and their teammates have to guess what they’re saying before time runs out, if they guess correctly they win that card. The team who has the most cards at the end, wins. This game is ridiculous but is great for getting a giggle out of everywhere, just make sure you keep some tissues nearby, the mouthpieces cause you to slaver a lot! IMG_5741
  2. If it’s a more relaxed classic you’re looking for, Trivial Pursuit Family Edition is the perfect board game for you. With 1200 cards for adults and 1200 cards for kids, you don’t need to worry about anyone being left out or any kids being frustrated at only the adults knowing any answers. This game has your usual 6 categories: geography, entertainment, history, art & culture, science & nature, and sport & leisure, and has enough pieces for up to 6 players at a time. Time to work on that general knowledge guys.
  3. Videos of people, and animals, playing Pie Face were everywhere last December, and it’s still incredibly popular now. If your family is up for a little bit of mess and a lot of laughs, Pie Face will be ideal. You simply place some whipped cream on the hand of the game, and attempt to turn the handles. Every time you turn the handle without getting pie-faced, you score a point, score 25 and you win the game. Better add some squirty cream to your Christmas shopping list!

What’s your favourite board game? Do your family play anything each year when you get together?

Amie xx

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