Blogmas Day 18 – What’s On My Christmas Tree

I love sentimental stuff. I’m all about homewares that are significant in some way and I’m no different when it comes to my Christmas Tree. Amongst my purple and silver colour scheme you’ll find many decorations that don’t fit in, but will always be pride of place anyway. Here’s a look at some of my favourites!

Lets start from the top… literally. A purple knitted angel sits at the top of our tree. It was made for us by a family friend and I love having something a little bit different, and so personal, sat in pride of place.


A ‘Queen of Christmas’ bauble! It doesn’t fit in with my colour scheme even slightly but it does describe me perfectly.


Glass golden ballet slippers. I’ve had this decoration for years, it was on the family tree every year that I lived with my parents and now the reminder of how much I loved to dance when I was younger, is on my tree.


Three Niederegger Lübeck baubles are spread across my tree. My step-dad gifts one to me and one to my mum every year and I love them! I have 2016, 2017 and 2018 now, and I’m definitely hoping I’ll keep being lucky enough to get them for a few more years. They’re really lovely baubles and they come with three incredible marzipan stars inside, what a perfect combination!


Last year I received a wooden gingerbread man, that were being sold by HMSA Charity. I love that it fits in with my colour scheme and helps to spread even the tiniest bit of awareness of the charity as well.


I also received a small felt christmas tree to hang on my tree, last year. It was made by a dear friend on Twitter who is also chronically ill, she makes some beautiful crafts throughout the year and I’m so glad that I get to hang one on my tree. It reminds me that being so unwell, doesn’t mean you have to stop doing things that you enjoy.


These handmade wooden decorations were such a sweet gift! Both of our names get to hang on the tree and I actually can’t believe somebody handmade quite an intricate item.

Finally we have the newest addition to our tree, a beautifully simple bauble that celebrates our first Christmas spent in our new home, perfect.


Do you stick to a specific colour scheme for your christmas tree? Is your tree filled with memories too? What kind of decorations do you have to signify these memories?

Amie xxx

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