Blogmas Day 17 -Free From Festive Food

Every year the range of festive free from food grows, as supermarkets compete to attract customers that buy from these ranges and the demand for such things increases. As this list is ever growing, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find old favourites or new things to try, here’s a peek at the offerings of the major supermarket brands for 2018.


Asda’s normal free from range has grown rapidly throughout the last two years and that goes for their Christmas range too!

Extra Special Truffle Collection, containing salted caramel, vanilla, dark orange and strawberry flavour truffles. The collection is free from gluten, wheat and dairy, is suitable for vegetarians, and doesn’t contain any artificial colours or flavours.

6 Gingerbread Santas, which are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, artificial colours and artificial flavourings, and are suitable for vegetarians. (And these are a steal for free from foods at only £1.20!)

Christmas Cookie Kit, including the cookie mix, icing mix and decorations. The ingredients in the kit itself are gluten, wheat and dairy free, you can use dairy free butter to keep the cookies dairy free, and egg substitute if needing the cookies to be free from egg too. This kit is suitable for vegetarians.

Roddy The Reindeer Cake, a delicious sponge cake with chocolate icing, a great alternative to tradition Christmas cake. Gluten, dairy, and artificial colour and flavouring free, and suitable for vegetarians.


Tiffin Selection Box, containing chocolate tiffins, rocky roads and cranberry and orange tiffins. This selection is gluten, dairy and egg free, as well as being vegan.

White Chocolate & Amaretto Cookies, shortbread biscuits with white chocolate, apricots and amaretto liqueur. Free from gluten, artificial colours and flavours, and suitable for vegetarians.

Limited Edition Spiced Plum Cookie, a mix of gluten free oats, plums, raisins, orange oil and warming spices. These are gluten free, artificial colour and flavouring free, and suitable for vegetarians.

Limited Edition Mince Pie Cookie, made with brandy mincemeat, orange oil, and warming spices. Free from gluten, artificial colourings and artificial flavourings, and suitable for vegetarians.

Black Forest Gateau, chocolate sponge, black cherry compote, Belgian dark chocolate and kirsch mousse, white chocolate mousse, and a chocolate glaze. This indulgent pudding is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.


Shortbread Selection, containing white chocolate and cranberry shortbread, dark chocolate and orange shortbread and dark chocolate and hazelnut shortbread. Free from gluten and wheat, and suitable for vegetarians.

Iced Mince Pies, made with citrus and cranberry mincemeat, topped with icing. These are gluten, wheat and dairy free, and suitable for vegetarians.

NutriFree Panettone, a traditional Italian panettone. Gluten and wheat free, and suitable for vegetarians.


Christmas Cake Kit, a cake mix to bake and decorate your own Christmas cake. Free from milk, wheat and gluten, and suitable for vegetarians. Can be made egg free if made with egg substitute.

Cranberry and Orange Christmas Pudding, christmas pudding topped with sweetened dried cranberries and orange vermicelli, with glacè cherries, cider and cognac. This pudding is gluten and wheat free, and suitable for vegetarians.

9 Mini Christmas Cupcakes, plain sponge cupcakes with a toffee flavour icing and a sprinkle of caramel crunch, and ginger sponge cupcakes with ginger flavour icing, topped with a sugar decoration. Free from wheat and gluten.

Gingerbread House Kit, contains gingerbread mix, icing sugar and decorations. Suitable for vegetarians and free from wheat, gluten and milk.

I hope this peek into what’s available helps you to find the treat that you’re looking for the Christmas! I haven’t included it in the list, but each of these supermarkets is selling gluten free Yule Logs, a little misleading though as they’re not actually made with a swiss roll like they should be, it’s just two layers of cake, sandwiched together and covered in icing, boo!! Merry Christmas fellow free fromers.

Amie xxx

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