Blogmas Day 12 – Holiday Traditions

We’re halfway to Christmas Day already! How did this happen? Oh I’m so excited! I love decorating for Christmas, I love finding and wrapping presents, all the food you only at around Christmas, and the traditions that I’ve made throughout the year. I’ve decided to share some of my traditions for each Christmas with you, and I’d love to hear about any that you have too! One of us might inspire the other to add a whole new addition to their festive traditions.

Something I’ve been doing almost every year since I was tiny, is going to see a pantomime in December. I’ve been going to a particular pantomime every year since 2005, and I went for this year’s trip just last night! I just don’t feel like its Christmas until Danny Adams and Clive Webb have made me cry with laughter. I recommend that everyone goes to see their nearest pantomime at least once, and if you’re near Newcastle upon Tyne, definitely get yourself to the pantomime at the Theatre Royal!


A newer tradition is having a chinese takeaway on Christmas Eve. This tradition has only come about in the last four Christmases that Jack and I have spent together, and we’ll be doing exactly the same for the fifth time this year! It’s lush to not have to worry about cooking, or doing much cleaning up before the chaos of Christmas Day cooking begins, and I love that the food is so different to what you’ll be eating for probably the next several days. It’s not Christmas Eve for me until I have a glass of wine in my hand and know that a huge amount of fried rice is about to be put in front of me, yum…

Another tradition that I’ve kept for most of my life is watching The Snowman every Christmas Eve morning. I’ve done this for so long that you’d think I’d be able to prepare myself for it, but no, I still cry at the end every single year. Oh dear!


I know that many people buy new pyjamas to open on Christmas Eve, and we do exactly the same. Each year, during our Christmas shopping, we pick out a pair of festive pyjamas each and keep them tucked away until Christmas Eve. I love having brand new pyjamas to wear as I’m opening presents on Christmas morning and then as I eat a tonne of food on Boxing Day. Plus, you can never have too many pairs of pyjamas.

Now, most of these traditions are kept during the build up to Christmas throughout December, or on Christmas Eve, but there’s still one to keep once Christmas Day is over. From Boxing Day until almost New Years Eve, we like to get up each morning, make huge mugs of tea, get cosy under a fluffy blanket and eat any chocolates we’ve been given, as we watch whatever older films are on BBC. There’s no better time to have chocolate for breakfast than Christmas, is there?

Even the cat gets in on the festivities in this house!

Lets get sharing those holiday traditions!

Amie xxx


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