Blogmas Day 11 – Gluten Free Christmas Made Easy

A totally gluten free christmas can be a lot of hard work, especially if you have to make everything from scratch, and with all the chaos that Christmas Day can bring anyway, you want to minimise the stress as much as possible. In the last two years, supermarkets have begun selling more and more gluten free christmas food, not just the sweet foods, but also the key parts of your christmas dinner. Finding ways to save time and energy is great for everyone, but it’s super important if you’re chronically ill. So, here is my low energy, gluten free christmas dinner!

Starters – This is a relatively easy course to make gluten free.

Soup with warm gluten free bread buns makes for a great starter, that’s ready in minutes. Shar baguettes or ciabattas would be perfect for this, and can be found in most supermarkets.

King prawn and Scottish salmon shells in citrus and herb butter will certainly impress any guests you have, and the only thing you have to do is pop them in the oven for 20 minutes! These are part of the Taste the Difference range at Sainsbury’s and cost £13 for 4. (Allergen info: free from gluten and nuts, contains seafood and cow’s milk) 

Main – This is where things used to get a little complicated and you’d have to do a lot of cooking from scratch. Still want turkey with stuffing now? Well the shops have your back.

For a smaller party this Taste the Difference Free-Range Bronze Turkey Crown with an Apple & Armagnac Stuffing, is perfect. It serves 4-6 people (depending on portion sizes!!), and can be ordered from Sainsbury’s Christmas Food to Order, costing £37.50. This is certified gluten free and is RSPCA Assured.

For a larger party, theres a Taste the Difference Free-Range Bronze Turkey with a Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing and Bacon Lattice. This serves 14-16 people (the thought of cooking for that many on Christmas Day made me sweat a little bit…) and costs £60 from Sainsbury’s Christmas Food to Order. Again this is certified gluten free and RSPCA Assured.

Sainsbury’s Christmas Food to Order is also selling a Taste the Difference 24 Piece Garnish Selection that is gluten free. It costs £8.50 and contains 12 pork sage and onion stuffing balls and 12 pork cocktail sausages wrapped in streaky bacon. These are my favourite bits!

Sides that need minimal energy are also easily available. Asda have a Ready to Roast Winter Vegetable selection, containing red onion, carrot and parsnip. It costs £2.50 and can serve up to 4. You don’t even need to clean a tray, they come in a disposable tinfoil tray.  These are gluten free and vegetarian, but do contain milk as they’re roasted in a herb butter.

You can’t have a Christmas Dinner without a good helping of roast potatoes, and these Buttery Roast Potatoes from Asda are ideal if you don’t have time to make your own. One pack is meant to serve 4 and costs £2.50. These are gluten free and vegetarian, but again contain milk.

Asda’s Festive Red Cabbage is another great side, costing £1.50 for a 2 person serving. This is gluten free and vegetarian, but contains milk. (Finding dairy free pre-made vegetables was impossible, sorry guys!)

Couldn’t leave out the sprouts, could I? Although these won’t be making it to my dinner table on Christmas Day, Asda’s Extra Special Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Chestnuts do sound quite delicious! These are £2.50 and serve 4. Whilst these are gluten free, they do contain milk.

Asda have even got you covered for gluten free ready made gravy! Their Turkey Gravy is £1 and serves 4. It’s also dairy free, at least something is!

Desserts – You can go traditional or pick something different this year.

For a traditional Christmas Pudding, Asda’s Free From Christmas Pudding has been most highly rated by people online in the last few years. It costs £3 and is vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free.

If it’s something different you’re after, try this Extra Special Raspberry & Pistachio Wreath. Chocolate meringue, whipped cream, chocolate ganache, raspberries and chopped pistachios, mmm my mouth is watering already! This is available in Asda, costs £6 and serves 8. This is gluten free and vegetarian.

And there you have it, a gluten free, three course dinner that you barely need to lift a finger to make! What are your must haves for a Christmas Dinner? Is there anything new appearing on your table this year?

Amie xxx

(I don’t benefit from anything purchased through the links on this post)

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