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Blogmas Day 7 – Self Care at Christmas

We’re one whole week into December, christmas is fast approaching, and although it often brings a lot of joy, it can also bring a lot of stress, particularly if you’re chronically ill. Christmas can involve busy shops, lots of meet ups or parties, and then often a lot of family will be around on Christmas Day, this year try following these five tips to survive the busy festive period.

  1. Plan ahead. Knowing where you need to be, what you’ll need to take with you, or have prepared, and knowing what kind of toll this will take on your body, will stop things from being super stressful and, hopefully, you’ll not find things so tiring. This is key to actually being able to enjoy events!
  2. Pace yourself. I know how easy it is to feel obligated to do everything and see everyone, but you’ll end up not enjoying yourself and leaving your body run down for weeks after.
  3. Shop online where possible. Save yourself the stress and energy that shopping during December can bring. Shops will be filled with even more stock than normal, and there’ll be more frantic shoppers everywhere you look. If you don’t have someone who can do the christmas shopping for you, online shops are your best friend (as is the postman by the time they’ve finished delivering it all…).
  4. Ask for help. Don’t push through and do it all on your own, Christmas is the time for giving and people will definitely give you their time to help out with anything you can’t manage. There’s no shame in asking for a hand, especially if it means you get to enjoy the Christmas period even more.
  5. Don’t feel guilty, learn to say no. Saying no to family and friends who want to do parties, meals, drinks, and all of the little events that are involved with Christmas, isn’t a bad thing. They’ll understand and will be happy to make things work around you if you’re just honest. Don’t go to everything and leave yourself completely worn down on Christmas Day. Don’t feel guilty for putting your health, and your own enjoyment, first.

Take care of yourself this christmas, that’s the best present you can give to anyone, including yourself.

Amie xxx

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