Chronic Illness

Blogmas Day 1 – Ring Splint Reveal

Merry blogmas lovely readers! I’ll be here everyday this month to share all things Christmas, chronic illness and gluten-free, in the lead up to Christmas Day, eek! I thought I’d open with a look at the ring splints I’ve fallen in love with this year. A few different types of ring splints are available; plastic oval eights, which can be found online and in the UK can be provided by an occupational therapist, or metal ring splints of different shapes. I’d had my eye on metal ring splints for a while and once I’d graduated from university, decided to treat myself and purchase two. Metal ring splints really grabbed my attention because they tend to look just like a piece of jewellery, not a medical aid, and when you use crutches, braces and a huge wheelchair, it’s nice to have an aid that isn’t immediately obvious and looks damn cute too.

My thumb on my left hand has spent more time popping out this year, than it’s spent being in place so when looking for splints I decided a specific thumb, base joint splint was a good place to start, and I took to Etsy to begin my search.

I found this splint, described as a trigger finger/base joint splint, and thought it looked gorgeous, and exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. It came from SiennaHopeJewellery on Etsy, costing £20 plus £5 shipping. The splints are made to your size and wants so it takes a little while for the item to be despatched, mine took 14 days before dispatch but then arrived 1 day after being shipped. Sienna packaged it beautifully, with floral tape on the envelope and the splint was in a cute little ring box, it had obviously been made and packaged with care. I’ve now been using the splint for 2 and a half months, and have seen a massive difference in the amount of pain and dislocations in my thumb, and the item itself still looks good as new.

I also chose to buy a sterling silver swan neck splint for my middle finger, to stop me from over extending it whilst writing and cross stitching. I purchased it from Lovethebugs on Etsy, who also make the ring to suit your size and requirements, leading to a 17 day wait for dispatch. And, as the shop is located in the US, delivery took 2 weeks so it was about a month-long wait, but I wasn’t disappointed. Lovethebugs is run by a couple who are so kind, want to create items that are perfectly suited to your needs, and even say they’re there for chats whenever needed, it’s a shop made with love. Not only did they send me the swan neck splint I’d ordered, they sent me a similar one for free! I was amazed and so grateful for this gesture. They also encourage you to let them know if there’s anything wrong with your order, and offer free resizing or exchanges. How could I not recommend this company?!

I’d love to know about other finger splints that people have tried. Is there a particular type that works well for over extending fingers?

See you tomorrow for blogmas day 2!

Amie xxx

(I do not receive any profits for my recommendations of these items, I’m simply spreading my knowledge as far as I can)


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