Chronic Illness

Gluten Free at Five Guys

Jack and I saw a Five Guys had opened in the shopping centre near us a while ago and kept saying we should look up what its like for gluten-free there to see if we could give it a try. It only took about six months but eventually I got round to googling it and found that they’re meant to be great for gluten free food, and take good precautions in avoiding cross contamination (my only demands as a coeliac), so we decided to give it a try the next time we went shopping. Their website is very reassuring and makes the options available completely clear.

There are plenty of gluten-free options to pick from, all of the burgers are GF so you can pick from a plain hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon burger or a bacon cheeseburger. Unfortunately they don’t sell them with GF buns but, you can choose to have it served in a bowl, a lettuce wrap, or you can even take your own bun to pop your burger in, they won’t assemble it with that bun though, they ask you to do this once seated to avoid any chance of contamination. Both the Cajun and plain fries can be eaten as they’re cooked in dedicated fryers, no worries about it being used to fry anything glutenous.

I chose to try out a cheeseburger in a bowl, with a few extra bits of salad added, and we chose to share a large portion of fries. The staff were very thorough when I ordered, even giving me the allergen information sheets so that I could be completely sure about what I was eating, and the kitchen is open so you can watch your food being prepared if you want to keep an extra eye on it. The ‘bowl’ containing mine was kept well away from the packaging of Jack’s normal burger, even though both were sealed, again this gave me confidence that my food was being kept completely separate from any gluten. Now it was finally time to eat! The chips were amazing. They were thin, crispy and perfectly golden, I could probably be happy just eating those if I’m honest. They make the burger patties to order so a cheeseburger is made by encasing the cheese between two patties and then cooking. This turned out to be a bad thing for me… the cheese was so disgusting, it tasted disgusting and had a plastic like texture. I wish I’d known they used those awful rubber looking cheese slices, I certainly regretted my choice. The actual beef burger was really great, it was tasty, cooked perfectly and was obviously made with good quality meat.

The price was okay, maybe a little much compared to other fast food places, but compared to a sit down restaurant, I found it quite reasonable. My cheeseburger, Jack’s bacon cheeseburger, a large fries, and two refillable diet cokes cost us around £25. It doesn’t cost any more or less to order the gluten-free versions, which I liked.

Overall, Five Guys did an excellent job in providing gluten-free food with as little worry over cross contamination as possible. The amount of options was a great change and their staff are made aware of how careful they need to be when preparing a gluten free meal and standard meal at the same time. The cheese may have been terrible but I would definitely go back for a bacon burger or plain hamburger, although I’d definitely like to try taking my own GF bun to eat the burger with. I think I’ll be trying a milkshake next time too, as only two flavours aren’t suitable for coeliacs!

Have you tried gluten-free food at Five Guys? What did you think? Is there anywhere else I should be trying out? I’d love to know!

Amie xxx

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