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Jeans for Genes Day

Today, 21/9/18, is Jeans for Genes Day. This is the annual fundraising campaign for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder. You may remember having a non uniform day and being asked to bring in a pound to donate, when you were at school. I certainly do. All money raised on this day funds the work the charity and provides grants to organisations, such as EDS UK, for projects that aim to transform the lives of people with genetic disorders.

As I’m no longer in school and I’m unable to work, I couldn’t do the typical fundraising of arranging a non uniform, or casual, day, I chose to arrange a coffee afternoon in my home in the hope of raising some money and raising awareness of Jeans for Genes Day. I planned to whip up a few blue bakes, invite all family and friends around, run a raffle and hopefully raise a little bit of money that I planned to split between Jeans for Genes and EDS UK, as I made them my charity partner. I also purchased a tshirt from the Jeans for Genes Day shop, it cost £9 and I’ll be able to reuse it for a few years. As I was going to be in hospital most of actual Jeans for Genes Day, today, (thanks to my genes, ha), I organised my get together for a few days prior. Here’s how it went…


I began baking two days before the event, making a blue layer cake, rocky road, frozen cookies, llama cookies, lemon cake and millionaires brownies (and yes, they were as good as they sound). I had a lot of fun slowly making all of these bakes as I’ve always loved being in the kitchen, and it was such a great feeling knowing that I was baking for friends and for such a great cause. During the coffee afternoon I also had Neals Yard Organic products being sold and a raffle being run, this helped to raise more money and people seemed to enjoy it a lot!

Thanks to the generosity of my friends and family, I’ve raised £210 so far and still have a few donations left to come in. I can’t wait to be able to send this into Jeans for Genes. Thank you so much to all who came and donated, it really meant a lot to me and it’s such a wonderful cause. If you’d like to donate, there’s still time! Either send me a message or go to the Jeans for Genes Website.

To find out more about this wonderful cause head to 

Amie xxx

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