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Pizza Express frozen pizza

I finally decided it was time to give the Pizza Express gluten-free range in Sainsburys a go. I’ve seen the pizzas when online shopping and in my local store, many times but the price (always a problem point) put me off a little, especially as there was always a chance  it might be absolutely awful. But, as I can’t resist a little treat every now and again, especially if gluten free pizza is on offer, I took the plunge and purchased a Pizza Express margarita pizza.

I kept the pizza in the freezer for a week and simply followed the instructions to cook from frozen as I wasn’t sure how well the dough would survive being defrosted first. The cooking time was only 6-7 minutes longer from frozen, and it cooked very evenly. The instructions say to simply place the pizza on a preheated oven shelf to cook but I was a little worried that this would result in my Mr’s chicken being covered in pizza so I chose to preheat a thin baking tray and bake it on that, which seemed to work perfectly.


Despite being a little small for my liking (particularly for the price), I found the pizza to be absolutely delicious. The crust was crunchy, the base wasn’t soggy or crumbly, and they hadn’t scrimped on the toppings. I’d intended to eat half of the pizza that day and save the other half for the following day (Pizza Express recommend eating leftovers cold as they don’t reheat well) but due to the pizza being a little on the small side, and how absolutely delicious it was, I ate it all in one go, although I did give 2 slices to Jack, who, as a non coeliac, thought it was pretty great!


This margarita pizza felt like a total success to me! It went down very well, although the amount you get for the price, £4.50 in Sainsburys, was a teeny disappointing. I’m rather excited to branch out and try other gluten-free pizzas from supermarkets now, although I would like to see a little more variety in toppings, rather than having to add them myself. So far I’ve only seen margarita and pepperoni pizzas available in any gluten free range.

Are they any gluten-free pizzas you enjoy? Do you prefer supermarket or takeaway options?

Amie xxx


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