Chronic Illness

2017, A Peek Back in Time

2017, is nearly over and Christmas has again come upon us so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to review the things I achieved during the last year. So, lets start at the beginning, with it being a very good place to start and all.

So, firstly I built up all of my courage and appeared to lose all of my fucks when fighting for better pain management. After dealing with an arrogant pain clinic doctor, I finally got my GP to push the boat out and try me with buprenorphine patches. Almost a year, and two dose increases, later I am still loving these patches. These things have changed my life and fighting for worthwhile pain relief was definitely one of my biggest achievements in the year.

IMG_5611 copy

I then turned 21. This may not sound like an achievement but for someone with a body that fails them every single day, getting through 21 years is quite the achievement in my eyes. I made it this far and that is quite flipping incredible.


I not only survived but passed, by a rather a large percentage, a three-hour written exam. A whole three hours of writing miniature essays. I did take several naps in between writing but it was one of the things I’m most proud of from 2017. After surviving this exam I also passed my third year of university with a 2:1. A freaking 2:1 to take me into my final year. I actually still don’t believe this happened, even if there’s physical proof that I did this. Sometimes I am quite a wonder, despite my failing body.

And a few small wins that I feel incredibly pleased for accomplishing! Jack and I took another holiday, I got through the week without many painkillers and my body didn’t stop us from loving every second. I finished paying off my car, something that felt very daunting almost two years ago when I became so ill and couldn’t work anymore, I never fell behind and now my wonderful Gi is all mine! Jack and I also finally splashed out on getting me a recliner chair to help with my dysautonomia and pain, we may have also bought the matching recliner sofa so that everyone can be comfy… we have a list of other priorities to get sorted out so hopefully they will be achievements that are featured in my look back through 2018 post! 

My final, and possibly greatest accomplishment of 2017 is the fact that I survived. I made it through! It was a tough year for my body and at some points I had absolutely no idea how I was possibly going to go on for another second, but here I am. Almost all in one piece, with many things to be proud of, and still with all of my loved ones by my side. That’s pretty damn good in my eyes. 

I want to wish each of you a very merry Christmas, I hope it is a magical time and that you make it through without too much trauma, and that 2018 is full of promising new adventures for you all. 

Much love, 

Amie xxx 


Find me on Twitter @Amie_Addison and Instagram @amie_addison 

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