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Towel off body wash, a spoonie life hack

A kind internet stranger opened my eyes to an incredible product that I had never encountered. I immediately knew that I had to buy it and couldn’t wait to share my excitement with all of you.

Now, I may be a little late to the party but, said product is rinse free body wash, a body wash that you just put on a cloth, wash like you’re in the shower, then wipe off any residue with a towel, no water and minimal energy, what more could a spoonie want? I did some googling and found some on Amazon which not only had good reviews, but also a great name, Pits and Bits*. Isn’t that great?! Anyhow, once I’d found this, I decided that I definitely needed to buy some and review Pits & Bits with the hope of being able to reliably spread this wonderful hack to you wonderful warriors.

I was pretty excited to try this body wash out but I was also slightly sceptical about how well it would work and if it would actually give me that fresh, just showered feel, though I tried to keep an open mind. I ordered from Pits & Bits on Amazon and, using my Prime next day delivery, it arrived 16 hours later, ready for me to try out. It was packaged in a small ziplock bag, containing the body wash, a no rinse shampoo, and four large cloths, which were rolled up in a button battery type shape and size. To expand a cloth you simply pour some of the body wash onto the cloth and it was expand and allow you to open it up into a large square cloth, this was easy to do and as I did this over the towel I needed, there was no mess from the liquid.


The cloth was soft yet felt tough enough to properly clean my skin, although, it wasn’t particularly durable and stretched a lot, I imagine you could easily use a normal flannel or sponge instead though. I washed my entire body, taking time to dry and wipe away any residue as I went. I felt clean and fresh, as though I’d had a shower or bath, without feeling any of the PoTS symptoms bathing usually causes. The body wash smelled nice, not chemical-like or fake, and left a slight hint of a floral scent on my skin, as most body wash does. Overall, I thought the body wash component of the scent was very good and is something I will definitely be using this whenever I can’t manage a shower but desperately feel the need to be clean. A huge bonus is that each full wash hasn’t used up much of the body wash, this product will certainly be one that lasts.

The wash cloth once opened out.

Another part of the wash kit was no rinse shampoo, something else that I hadn’t tried before. I am a huge lover of dry shampoo, I cannot be without a bottle of it and it helps me hugely every week, so this liquid, no rinse shampoo had a lot to live up to! In terms of look and concept, it was very similar to the wash, a clear liquid in a small plastic bottle. Instead of using a wash cloth, you pour some of the ‘shampoo’ onto your hair, rub it in with your hands, much like normal shampoo, and once you’ve massaged the liquid all over your roots and through your hair, simply towel dry your hair slightly, brush your hair and then towel dry again, getting as much liquid out as possible, then either blow-dry or leave to dry (my preferred method!). I was a little unsure about how this would leave my hair feeling, if it would leave any residue behind and only leave my hair feeling slightly cleaner, thankfully my worries were unfounded. Once my hair had dried, it felt fairly clean and looked it too, it also felt soft and smooth, obviously not as smooth as after using a conditioner, but, the no rinse shampoo didn’t dry it out at all like I thought it would. If the fact it did what it was supposed to and didn’t turn my hair to straw hadn’t been enough to convince me that this product worked, the AMAZING smell of the shampoo would probably have been enough to sway me… Seriously, the packaging said it had a fresh apple scent and they were not kidding. The smell was beautiful, if not a little strong and overwhelming when I opened the bottle, and left my hair with a faint apple smell for 24 hours after use. Whilst the smell was better than any dry shampoo I’ve ever tried, and that has been many, and did a reasonable job of cleaning my hair, I don’t think it beats the ease and freshening power of my beloved dry shampoo.

I don’t know, maybe I’m a little too biased towards the dry shampoo, maybe it truly is just as up to the job, maybe it’s even better. Either way, the no rinse shampoo is easier, uses less energy and is much quicker than actually washing your hair, that can’t possibly be a bad thing.

Even Mr Moo was excited to see what this kit was about

Despite finding the powers of the shampoo to be a little lack-lustre, I would definitely recommend trying out the Pits & Bits* towel off shower gel and shampoo set. The body wash is part of my must have product collection now and the shampoo will definitely be used whenever I have some energy but not enough for a hair wash, or need a hair wash and Jack isn’t home to help. I 100% wholeheartedly recommend this wash set, and, as I could only find a couple of no rinse body wash options in the UK, I am incredibly pleased to able to do this.

Have you tried the Pits & Bits wash set? Is there a different towel off body wash you’ve tried out and loved? I’d love to hear about different opinions and options!

Gentle hugs and much love to everyone,

Amie xxx

You can find me on Twitter @Amie_Addison and Instagram @amie_addison

*I do not get paid for any purchase made by following the above links, I simply wish to share the love of any products that make spoonie life easier.

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