Chronic Illness

The little victories

When you’re chronically ill it can seem like life is trying its best to stop anything from going your way, then every now and again that turns around. It’s so important to take those victories, no matter how seemingly insignificant they are, and make the most of having fewer battles to push on through. My greatest victory came a month ago, when my GP finally agreeing to let me try buprenorphine patches to ease my pain, and then finding that those patches actually worked without making me any sicker, even when we changed from 5mg/h to 10mg/h, yay! I celebrated this little victory in my last post and it got me thinking about how important these moments are to me and many others with chronic illnesses.

So, here is my latest little victory! I have been seeing a rheumatology physio with specialist EDS knowledge, since the end of December, which you can read about here, and we were struggling with making progress due to the extreme pain caused by moving my left shoulder and right hip. I persevered with the exercises as I knew that even though it was agonising now, building up the muscles to stop my shoulders from just floating, would mean less pain long-term.

After months of nothing changing, many exercises having to be skipped thanks to my unreliable body, and having to recover from big events, Bronia told me with great delight that she can see a difference. My shoulders are becoming stronger, although there’s a lot of damage to repair there which will take a while, my core is strengthening so I can support myself when sitting up, and my legs and hips are building up and no longer shake uncontrollably after standing up for more than 30 seconds (I can manage a whole minute now!).

Hearing how pleased and impressed Bronia is with my progress really motivated me to keep trying. It’s tiring, painful and flipping hard work but it’s so worth it. The fact that despite all of the setbacks and my body choosing not to cooperate, I’m improving and that is one brilliant little victory for me. Now I have pain relief that actually works enough for me to be able to function as something resembling a human, I’ll be able to put a lot more effort into building my body back up and hopefully having many more little victories!


Embrace every little victory that you get, the smallest of things can much such a difference to your emotional state and give you the drive to keep on fighting through all of the shit that chronic life throws at you. You may not win every fight, but you will certainly win many of them. 

What are your greatest little victories? 

Amie xxx

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