Chronic Illness

Self Care

Recently there appears to have been a huge rise in people talking about, discovering and practicing in self-care, in fact you are probably one of them even if you don’t realise it just yet. Self care is important for everyone, particularly those who are chronically ill and there are many ways to practice self-care in a way that suits you. 

The main thing to focus on with self-care is that you’re relaxed, giving yourself time to rest and allowing your body to be relieved of physical and emotional stress. These are especially important if you’re in a pain flare or you’ve become particularly overwhelmed and rundown. For many, practicing self-care just means putting your phone down, shutting the world out for a while and binge watching Netflix or a series on DVD, nothing complicated and it makes you feel relaxed just thinking about it! You could have a nice bubble bath, use a face mask or paint your nails and indulge your body a little, or you could lay down in a dimly lit room and listen to your favourite music, curl up with a book, or even put on your favourite film, shut the curtains, grab a cosy blanket and some snacks and just enjoy. It’s all about what you enjoy, what’s easy on your body and what you find relaxing. 

In the last few months I have come to realise that self-care isn’t only about doing a specific activity, it’s also about finding ways to reduce stress from your everyday life and limiting the way it impacts on your mental and physical life. I did this by removing a ‘friend’ from my life after they began dumping masses of stress on me each day, all day. Huge essay like texts full of whinging, something that constantly wiped me out and added huge amounts of pressure that I really couldn’t cope with. Don’t get me wrong, I love being there for my friends and listening to them when things go wrong, I just can’t handle my own stress and pressures from my own health and life most days, never mind a constant stream of someone else’s. I chose to cut them off, switch their text alerts to Do Not Disturb (I love that function on iPhones) and to unfollow on Instagram and Facebook. I felt a little bad for doing it but I have to look out for what’s best for me and continue practicing self care by removing this huge energy drain from my life.


This is something I believe we all need to do for ourselves, achieve self-care through relaxing and allowing our bodies to take time out and recover, but also by looking out for energy drains in life and taking steps to remove them. Your body and health are always the most important things for you to care for. 

How do you practice self-care? Have you chosen to remove people from your life in order to care for yourself? 

Amie xxx 

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2 thoughts on “Self Care

  1. I’ve removed toxic people from my life. Those who piled stress on me, wanted my help them threw it in my face. I feel like I’m connected to My phone probably because I spend so much time alone and am pretty much housebound. But I do sometimes like cutting off from the world.
    For me self care includes bathing which I can’t do alone and find virtually impossible in my house.

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    1. So proud of you doing this! I think that’s why I spend so much time on my phone as well, I have to make a big effort to step away from it and take care of myself.


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