Chronic Illness

STDs… Spoonie Tolerated Dates

It’s Valentine’s Day, happy “love can only be measured by the money spent on you” day to all. As you can probably tell, Jack and I choose not to really celebrate Valentine’s. We get a funny card and small gift for each other and spend the day like any other day. However, I know many do choose to celebrate and this can be difficult if anybody in the relationship is limited by illness. So to help plan not only Valentine’s Day, but every other day of the year you want to do something special as a couple, here is a list of some of the best spoonie dates I’ve had or heard of. 

  1. Wrap up warm if it’s winter, get in the car and drive to a close by beautiful location. Pick up some coffee or fish and chips on the way and just enjoy the view and each other’s company without having to leave the car. 
  2. A stay at home date is ideal for those too unwell to go out to a restaurant. Making a restaurant style two or three course dinner can be simple, cook up a meal you wouldn’t eat everyday, buy or make a sharing dessert and serve up some wine, cocktails, mocktails or whatever drink you fancy! You could pop some candles on the table and set the table or enjoy it cuddled up on the sofa, it’s all about being together. 
  3. A nice, low spoon date could include lighting some candles, switching on some fairy lights, making a cosy pillow and duvet fort on the sofa, getting your favourite snacks and watching movies. Like the cinema but quieter, cosier and cheaper, it also means you don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas. 
  4. An at home, in bed or on the sofa, homemade afternoon tea is the perfect treat for Valentine’s and any other couple time with your significant other. You don’t necessarily have to bake everything from scratch, a few little sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, some delicious small cakes and a pot of tea is all you need to prepare this special treat. And, the extra effort put into this will certainly be appreciated! 
  5. For those who struggle to be out of bed or with too much stimulation are going to be looking for an even gentler date. Lying in bed with them, with low lighting, soft music or a quiet film, if possible, would make a perfect romantic evening. Even if you just lie together, talking, napping and resting, it’ll still be perfect just being together. 

It’s still possible to be romantic, have dates and put that little bit of extra effort into it no matter what your health, taking some time out with the one you love is all that matters, no matter what you do. Just remember to spread a little love all year round, it’s not just for one day.

We manage to have fun wherever we are! 

Do you have spoonie friendly dates with your partner? What are some of your favourite things to do?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate it. 

Amie xxx

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