Chronic Illness

The Spoonie Chef

I love to cook! I’ve been baking bread since I was four, cooking dinners since I was seven and baking up award winning cakes since I was 10. Okay so the award was only first prize in a village show but it still counts. Unfortunately, a mixture of the heat of the kitchen making me pass out, lack of energy and dislocations when doing pretty much anything, has left me unable to do much cooking. Now I tend to sit on the step or on my chair and bark instructions at Jack, and relish any chances I get to cook by myself, although to do this I’ve had to make a few adaptions. It took me a while to discover all of these adaptions so I’ve made a handy list of the best ones for you!

  1. An electric can opener. I can’t open a can without dislocating something and causing myself extreme pain so I went online and found this can opener. It’s battery operated and absolutely brilliant. There are many out there but this is the one* I chose and it’s served me well so far. 

  2. A hot water dispenser. I am a danger with a kettle so I have this tucked away in the corner for when I’m home alone. It takes less the a minute to boil and has variable cup sizes, this is definitely my favourite purchase considering how much tea I drink… There are loads of different styles and makes out there to choose from so you can buy one to suit you. This* tucks away nicely in our little kitchen. 

    Instant happiness in a mug
  3. Ceramic knives. These are fab! I really struggle with chopping foods and Jack usually does all of that for me but some occasions call for me to chop things for myself. We replaced our “normal” knives with a ceramic set and they are the best. Not only do they make chopping easier for both of us, but they also come in pretty colours and brighten up the kitchen a bit. These knives are much sharper than any other knives I’ve used and certainly make everyone’s life that little bit easier. I bought mine in a 70% sale and these* are a similar price, although there are many different options out there. 
  4. A stool. This one is simple to find and possibly the most useful kitchen aid I could suggest. Anyone suffering with dysautonomia will testify how tough standing in a hot kitchen can be, but being upright for long periods of time can be tough for many of us spoonies. A stool that leaves you at the right level to reach the benches and preferably with back support, is a simple way to make cooking easier. I have a fold away tall seat, similar to this one*, which is perfect for our little kitchen but find what suits you and your home. image1
  5. My final kitchen aid suggestion is easy grip cutlery. I struggle to grip cutlery properly without causing myself pain and when you love food as much as I do, this is a BIG problem! I picked up a set of cutlery* fairly cheap online and they really do make a big difference, I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who struggles with their hands. 

Do you manage to lend a hand in the kitchen? What are the things you use to make cooking easier? I love finding new ways to help me be involved in cooking. 

Amie xxx

Find me on Twitter – @Amie_Addison and Instagram – @amie_addison 

* I gain nothing from you using these links to buy the products, they’re here simply to make your life easier. 

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