Chronic Illness

On the go essentials

This time of year can mean lots of being out and about for many of us. Getting ready to go out can mean packing many things for the ill, here’s a peak at what I always carry around incase of any health emergency.

1) My lip balm. Medications dry my lips out a lot and I have a terrible habit of biting my lips when my pain is particularly bad so I spend a lot of time applying lip balm throughout the day. The cold weather and winds magnify this problem so my Neal’s Yard Remedies Bee Lovely lip balm* is always in my pocket or handbag whenever I go out.



2) A moisturising and hydrating spray. I received this particular spray in a Birchbox a few months ago, it’s absolutely fabulous. Heat affects my PoTS symptoms so when I feel the heat rising up my body and the sweating starting I spray this on my face to cool myself down before I end up passing out. I also carry a bottle of juice or water around for this reason, as well as for taking the several million medications I take throughout the day. I definitely recommend this spray to anyone who suffers from issues with heat, I will certainly be buying a new full size one when mine runs out. I also got a little bag in a birchbox and use it to keep my inhaler, daily meds, lip balm and lipsticks and just general bits and bobs in.



3) Another NYR product is always in my handbag. Remedies to Roll* comes in a few different versions but the energising one is my favourite. You roll it on pulse points and let it work it’s magic. I find this one good for revitalising and clearing my brain. Particularly helpful when in a crowded place!



4) Viscotears eye drops and Salavix pastilles are never far out of reach. My eyes are incredibly dry and I don’t produce enough saliva so these pastilles and drops are such saviours for me. My eyes tend to be worst first and last thing in the day but my mouth never stops getting too dry, especially when talking. One little pastille and this feels better instantly, I can’t be without them wherever I go now. These are also good for mouthes that are dried out by medications so I’d definitely recommended trying them.



5) This one is essential for the cold months we’re in now, my beautiful wheelchair blanket. It’s handmade with upcycled wool products by a wonderful lady who you can find on Twitter @WoollyPedlar and Facebook The Woolly Pedlar. The blanket keeps my legs and stomach warm, stopping the cold from attacking my joints too much. I absolutely adore it.



What are your essentials for on the go? Tell me all about the delights kept in your handbags!

I’d like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. I hope you enjoy it and that your body allows you to make the most of it. Merry Christmas beauties!!


Amie xxx

*I don’t gain from any purchases you make from these links. I simply like the products.

Find me on Twitter @Amie_Addison and Instagram @amie_addison

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