Chronic Illness

Tens Machine Trails Take Two

At the beginning of December I was fitted with a tens machine in an attempt to help with pain relief without more meds. I was fairly dubious as to how well it would work but as there were no side effects, no chance of addiction and I was promised it wouldn’t affect my PoTS, I agreed to give it a go.

After some trouble with it agitating the never damage down my left arm and getting extremely tangled up in the long wires (downside of being small!), I thought I had it all figured out. I was wrong.

“Excuse me human, this is my floor”

A few days later I noticed I was becoming more irritable when fatigue hit me and that my blood pressure was dropping a lot more frequently than normal. I mean, I am more easily irritated when fatigue appears normally, but the constant zapping was making me beyond irritable and driving me absolutely insane. This probably wasn’t helped by the fact even sitting up made me feel dizzy and I was spending a lot of time on the floor with my legs in the air. My blood pressure was constantly dropping even with my new Midodrine tablets, it really gets in your way when there’s so much to be doing at this time of year.


So, as I didn’t want all of Christmas to be spent lying on the floor, with the cats as my only friends as I’d annoyed everyone with my irritability, I decided to stop using the tens for a few days to see what happened. I’m incredibly glad I did. My irritability has gone back to normal, although I’m not sure my paingry days are that great for anyone anyway, and I’m my usual level of dizziness instead of constantly being close to passing out. Yay! Now I’m rather unsure about what to do next, everyone seemed to be pinning a lot of hope on this tens machine.

Have you tried out a tens machine? How did it work for you? Did anyone else experience this with PoTS and tens machines?

Amie xxx

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