Chronic Illness

Celebrating You

All year round it can be difficult to appreciate our broken bodies and to be proud of even the smallest thing we achieve, this can be magnified at Christmas when family and friends want to make so many plans and sometimes forget that us Spoonies don’t suddenly gain extra energy just because it’s Christmas. We wish that would happen but unfortunately we have to look after our bodies and stick to our limits no matter how many times you remind us “oh but it’s Christmas, a few days can’t hurt”. The extra pressure from loved ones can leave us feeling frustrated and resenting our bodies, so I thought I’d take this chance to remind you all how flipping brilliant you are.


You are fighting battles every single day that no well person could ever comprehend. Not being able to do everything and see everyone doesn’t change how well you are doing, if you manage even one visit then you should feel proud of yourself. Remember, pleasing everyone is not worth the fatigue, pain and struggles you may feel for months after. Pace yourself, take it easy, Christmas is a time of celebration for everyone, that includes you. Pleasing yourself is more important than pleasing everyone else, make sure you have as much fun as possible this Christmas because my goodness do you deserve it.

Eat the cake, drink that hot chocolate and take time to remember how wonderful, strong and incredible you are!

No matter what you do, have a Christmas full of happiness and love.

Amie xxx

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