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Christmas Traditions

I’m a big lover of tradition, especially at Christmas. I’ve been clinging onto the same traditions since I was little and even now I’m adulting and have moved in with Jack, I still insist on carrying on. I’ve had to adapt some of them in recent years now my crazy body refuses to cooperate, but they still get me feeling all festive so I thought I’d share a few of my Spoonie friendly Christmas traditions with you!

1) Putting up my snowman advent calendar; many Spoonies suffer from intolerances or allergies to different food, using my mum’s brilliant idea could make finding Spoonie friendly advent calendars way easier! Instead of a chocolate calendar I have a fabric calendar that my mum puts a little gift in each day of December, with a proper present on Christmas Eve. She’s been doing it my whole life, it’s certainly made the transitions to gluten and dairy free easier at Christmas, and even at 20 it utterly delights me finding my gift each morning.

We do love advent in my house!

2) Films! Everybody has their Christmas film they have to watch with friends, family or alone each year. At some point in December I always watch The Railway Children, I know it’s not a Christmas film but it’s something I associate with Christmas from when I was little, Love Actually and on Christmas Eve I *MUST* watch The Snowman. I cry every single time but it’s not Christmas without it. Watching films is something that many Spoonies could manage, a quiet film night with treats and a cosy, Christmassy room could make a lovely, Spoonie friendly, family night.

3) It can be a struggle to watch an entire film when you’re so unwell, but this suggestion would be ideal for everyone, TV Christmas specials make a great substitute for films!  I, for one, love a Christmas special, comedy, food or even soap related. With channels like Gold and Good Food airing Christmas programmes from the beginning of December, there are many specials you can choose from to start off your own traditions.

4) This will be mine and Jack’s third Christmas together, but only our second living together. For our first Christmas in our own home we chose to make a Couple’s Snuggle Box for Christmas Eve. There are loads of suggestions for these online, so many wonderful items you can fill them with! This year we’ve chosen to fill ours with pyjamas (because as a Spoonie, I can never have too many pyjamas), a few little snowmen chocolates, a few drinks, a silly present each and even the cat has a few treats tucked away in there. I’m excited just thinking about it!

Well we couldn’t leave Mokes out!

5) Finally, I think decorating the house or tree as a family or couple is a wonderful tradition to start. An easy activity for everyone to enjoy, even those of who can’t be up and about helping, can get involved. Even when I’ve been unable to stand, my mum and I put Christmas music on, warm up some mulled wine and take time out together to decorate the tree. A tradition I’ve brought into my own home now too. Being housebound is a lot more bearable when the house is filled with festive cheer.

Our beautiful tree!

I’d love to hear about your traditions and any Spoonie friendly ways of spreading Christmas cheer!

Amie xxx

2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Since becoming a spoonie a little over a year ago my traditions are fast changing. Or more so adapting like you have done.

    I love nightshirt’s rather than pjs (problems getting dressed) so a Christmas eve box may be a great idea for future years.

    I love Christmas films and as I’ve been sick most of this nov/Dec I’ve been trying to watch at least one Christmas movie a day!!
    I’ve watched home alone 2 4 times already haha.

    A new tradition is a Christmas tree in the bedroom. So I can lie in bed and keep the Christmas spirit.

    My favourite Christmas blog post of the year. Merry Christmas xx


    1. I love the idea of a christmas tree in the bedroom, definitely something I’m keeping in mind for next Christmas if I’m still so unwell. I hope you had a wonderful christmas xxx


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