Chronic Illness

An Open Letter To Those Who Left Me Due To My Chronic Illness

To all who’ve left my life because of my illnesses,

I never thought I’d want to say this but, thank you for walking away when you decided you couldn’t cope with or didn’t believe in my chronic illnesses. Thanks to you I found out who really cared about me and who really wished to be in my life. I haven’t always felt like thanking you, having friends and family walk away when your life is already falling apart is devastating and heartbreaking. You made coming to terms with life long conditions just that little bit harder. Now however, I am grateful that I no longer end up wasting my very limited energy on people who just aren’t worth it.

You are the people who made me realise the importance of raising awareness of unknown illnesses, you are the people who inspired me to create this blog and to be completely honest and open about my life. Your disbelief or maybe it was that you simply didn’t care, is the reason I am determined to make the unknown illnesses, known.

I was devastated when you walked out of my life, when you deserted me during the toughest time I’d ever faced. Now I am grateful. I’m grateful that I no longer waste time and energy trying to maintain a failing relationship. Now I can concentrate on those who love me, support me and make living this nightmare sort of okay.

So, thank you. Thank you for being a selfish arse who couldn’t take the time to even ask about what you didn’t understand. Your lack of sympathy, care and understanding allowed me to reevaluate who I needed in my life and who deserved my love. You are definitely not worthy of a place in my life or my heart, and for helping me to realise this, I’m eternally grateful.


Amie xxx



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