Chronic Illness

Tens Machine Trials

Several weeks ago I saw a guy at the pain management clinic, I’m sure you all know seeing as I whinged so much about it but if you somehow managed to miss this, you can read about it here. Anyway, we discussed a tens machine and after much discussion about whether it could affect PoTS, I received my appointment to have one fitted. Yay! After weeks of waiting and many different opinions and experiences being heard, today it was finally time for the appointment.


After being let down by so many treatments and doctors, I keep my expectations relatively low now. Thankfully the nurse totally understand this and was extremely honest in telling me that some people find it brilliant, some find it useless, some are able to drop to lower doses of painkillers or even stop altogether, some stay on the exact same doses of meds but don’t need them upping thanks to the tens. We’re all different and there’s just no predicting this. It’s definitely worth trying though, especially with there being no chance of side effects or addiction!


The appointment went on for half an hour so I could learn about the three different settings, the intensity dials and how to place the pads. It’s fairly easy to work thankfully, it can be constant, in bursts which feels quite similar to a pulse, or acupuncture, I have no idea how to describe the acupuncture setting but I did not like it!! I’ve used both of the other settings in the last few hours though and they are definitely liveable with.

After going through the settings we went through a few rules; don’t wear at night when sleeping, don’t use on neck as this will affect my PoTS symptoms, and don’t drive with the monitor on or even have it connected to my jeans when driving. Simple really! We also discussed how the loan of the machine works, the one I’m using now is all mine for three months and if it works for me I can buy the exact same model from them. I was worried that because I can only use in two places at once, it won’t be enough for widespread pain but she informed me that some patients wear two so I could do this too if I bought my own.

Two of four pads in place

I can’t really comment on how effective the tens is yet as it’s only been a few hours but fingers crossed something will start to happen soon! Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.

Have any of you tried a tens machine? How did it work out for you?

Amie xxx

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