Chronic Illness

Sharing a Little Love

As the most wonderful time of the year (can you hear Michael Buble yet?) is drawing near, along with the bitter cold that causes broken bodies to go into meltdown, I decided to talk about ideal gifts for spoonies or putting together a little care package. This is something I spoke about with a friend recently, she has a friend with severe ME so is unable to see her or talk to her much but wanted a way to show she cared. This is where I suggested a care package, full of lovely little gifts to *hopefully* bring a little joy to her poor friend’s face. Obviously everyone will have different ideas when thinking about what they would like to send or receive as a spoonie but I thought a few ideas for those who are able bodied, would be helpful. Like a child writing Santa a letter… 

My first thought as many of us are bed or house bound, was pyjamas. Personally I have more pyjamas than I do actual clothes simply because I wear pyjamas more often than I have to wear clothes. Being comfy and cosy when stuck in bed or on the sofa is essential, especially with the cold weather creeping in and attacking us at the minute. A lovely new pair of pyjamas (suited to the time of year you’re gifting them) is a present you can guarantee will be loved and well used. Along with the pyjamas, cute fluffy socks or slippers are a good idea too. There are so many different designs so there’s no need to be boring. A little colour or funny animal face on them will certainly bring a smile to our faces. 


Snacks or little treats will certainly be appreciated, although not always practical depending where you need to send the gift or care package to. Obviously you are going to have to double-check all the receiver’s dietary requirements if you’re planning to include any food items but here are a few suggestions; mini chocolate bars or stocking filler sized boxes of chocolates, bags of sweets, if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option for sweets then Goody Good Stuff do a fab range of classic favourites for gummy sweets. If you know what kind of goodies your friend likes best, always go with that! The fact that you remembered will make them smile even more. 


Another thought was pamper goodies. As many of us spoonies struggle to shower or bath it may be best to stay away from things like shower gels. However, there are many other things that you could include easily. Lip balms are a perfect little gift, lots of medications dry lips out so they’ll certainly get used up. Hand creams are another thing that can always be used, just be sure to check for any allergies or sensitive skin, there are so many beautiful hand creams that can make you feel relaxed and pampered without having to move anything but your hands. As well as hand creams or lip balms; moisturiser, cleanser or toner for the face could work as a gift too. Being able to look after your skin a bit is a way to practice self-love and care whilst still being within the limits of your friend. 

My final suggestions for a spoonie gift or care box are things that make a lovely gift but can also be very useful to us. An eye mask is perfect for light sensitivities and you can get them in some really cute designs, this could put a lovely smile on your friends face. A hot water bottle or microwaveable wheat bag is always good, you can never have too many when you feel the cold or suffer badly with pain. There are a few suggestions for good hot water bottle type products in a previous blog, which you can find here. Inspirational or sweet saying plaques, nail varnishes, jewellery, or even funny t shirts would also help you to fill out a care box as well as making great gifts on their own.

My spoonie care package appears to contain a cat…

If you want to make up a care box, I would suggest thinking of it like filling a Christmas stocking. The sweet, funny little gifts that are usually saved for Christmas stocking filling would certainly put a smile upon your friends face! Obviously you will know your friends likes and hobbies best so you can create your package around these to make the perfect present.

Have any of you made or received a care package or just a thoughtful gift to cheer you up when things are particularly tough? What kind of items did you choose or receive? I’d love to hear more ideas to add to my list. 

Amie xxx

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