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Low Spoon Day Essentials

Any Spoonie will have encountered the low/no spoon day struggles. Being unable to get out of bed yet finding it completely impossible to get comfy in bed. It has taken me so many uncomfortable days and nights in bed to work out the ultimate items for being cosy, as well as all of the things I could possibly need whilst stuck there so I thought I’d share my low spoon day essentials in the hope of making life a little easier for others!

Firstly, comfort is key. You can have the comfiest bed in the world but we all know that being stuck in there for days is bound to have you fidgeting and struggling to get comfy enough to relax. This is where a gigantic maternity pillow comes in… I’d never thought that this was beneficial for anyone other than those that are expecting, I was so wrong. A quick internet search led me to find hundreds of reviews praising the U shaped pillow as a wonder for people with chronic pain, back problems and us aching, bed bound Spoonies. As the pillow was a little pricey I was reluctant to order one at first, I had nothing to worry about. The pillow is wonderful, it supports all of my joints and stops them from popping out quite so often when I’m in bed and is so incredibly soft and comfortable to be cradled in that even when in a crazy ME flare, my body doesn’t scream at me when my limbs touch the pillow. Honestly, although the pillows may seem expensive, they will make any day/night in bed a whole lot easier! The one I own is by Sanggol and is currently unavailable on both Amazon and Sanggol’s own website but this pillow* is practically identical.

The pillow is a big hit with Moo too!


My next essential items are my Costa Coffee Travel Mug and my plastic beaker with a straw*. The travel mug is huge and keeps drinks warm for over an hour with the flip lid shut, this keeps me warm and happy for a couple of hours meaning minimal movement/need of help. The best thing about the travel mug is how difficult it is to spill the liquid inside, I am terrible for tipping boiling hot tea down myself or over everything! So my tea stays warm and I don’t get hurt, huge help on such a bad day. The fact that I can’t spill also goes for the beaker as well, unless you fully tip it over nothing comes out. Having the straw is a huge help on days when I can’t be sat up for too long, otherwise we go through the spillage problem all over again.


None of us are strangers to heat pads, microwave hot packs or hot water bottles, essential for easing certain pains. Heat pads are okay for when you’re out or for minor pains but the hot packs and hot water bottles are definitely a must have for bad days. Unfortunately (I say unfortunately, it’s out of choice) we don’t have a microwave so the hot pacs aren’t an option, leaving the hot water bottle as my best friend. My fab friend gave me a huge Panda water bottle last year and I adore it, it’s just like a teddy and the bottle stays warm for hours. However, I get bad hand tremors or spasms quite often, as well wrist dislocations when I lift up the kettle, making filling the bottle up quite a risky task but without buying a microwave that would only be used for heating up hot packs I couldn’t think of any solution to this. By chance when I was looking through the Lakeland catalogue last week I found the perfect solution, a hot water bottle*that uses no hot water! It’s a lot smaller than my beloved panda and much harder than an actual hot water bottle, but all I have to do is plug it to charge for five minutes and then I can have warmth for hours. No getting out of bed, providing I remember to leave the cable there, and no chance of any boiling water incidents, phew! It comes with a beautiful fluffy cover and despite the packaging saying it stayed warm for two hours, mine has so far been staying lovely and toasty for nearly four hours. So perfect for painful, no moving days.


Contrary to the obsession with hot water bottles, I also couldn’t live without my Chillow*. Having a body that can’t control it’s own temperature can make being comfortable in bed really tough. You start off freezing in pyjamas, thick socks and the duvet pulled right up and wake up after a nap feeling like you’re abroad in the middle of August, this is where the Chillow comes in. No longer do we have to overheat on days when sleep is the only possible activity. It’s so easy to use, roughly the same size as a normal pillow and it’s filled with gel so no fiddling required. If you won’t need it for hours then it’ll be nice and cold after just sitting in the fridge, on a low spoon day you may want to pop it in the freezer for an hour at a time instead so you can use it frequently throughout the day/night. Apart from the freezer or fridge bit there’s not much movement or energy required, just pop it in your pillowcase and fall back into bed.



These make up the bulk of my low/no spoon day essentials and certainly help in making them more comfortable and less upsetting. Other than these I always have an extremely comfy pair of pyjamas, my meds (these are the most important!), earplugs and eye mask, my phone so I can get hold of someone if I’m alone and get extremely unwell, the TV/iPad to stop me going crazy in silence, I find it very difficult to sleep well in silence so this helps me to nap, I always keep little snacks for these days so I can nibble when possible e.g. Nakd bars, peanut butter or fruit. My final two essentials are my Neals Yard Organic diffuser* and Mokey Moo the cat. He sleeps as much as I do, doesn’t move much and is great for cheer up cuddles, could there be a more perfect low/no spoon day companion?

What are your low spoon day essentials? Have you found anything totally life changing in terms of comfort for these days? I’d love to find out!

Amie xxx

*All products mentioned are recommendations, I benefit in no way from people purchasing via the links above.

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